SerticsTM uses Machine Learning and AI to select the ideal, interactive Data Visualization Models based on your data.

AI-Powered Model Selection Based
On Your Unique Data Sets.

Sertics takes the guesswork and lead time out of data visualization. After Business Users tell Sertics what they’d like to know, Sertics begins analyzing the data to uncover trends, anomalies and hidden insights. This entire process takes minutes, rather than weeks or months of human research.

Next, Sertics leverages Machine Learning and AI to choose the Data Visualization Models best suited to the data. This process ensures that business users never have to make assumptions about what factors influence your business.

Benefits of Sertics

100+ Data
Visualization Models

Sertics comes equipped with 100+ Data Visualization Models design to reveal impactful, hidden insights. If your business users are interested in adding additional models, our experienced development team can help.

Interactive Models & Intelligent Forecasting

All of Sertics’ Data Visualization Models are interactive, allowing your users to adjust variables in real-time. Sertics’ Predictive Analytics engine produces useful forecasting and predictions displayed in these interactive models.

Quick Analysis
& Clear Insights

In the past, discovering business patterns and trends could take months for a team of data scientists. With Sertics, this process is reduced to minutes and produces more, deeper insights than humans at a lower cost.

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