SerticsTM provides insightful Predictive Analytics to the business users in your organization fast.

Plug & Play Predictive Analytics for Business Users

Putting Machine Learning & AI to Work

Sertics automates many of the tasks conducted by Data Scientists and Developers through its powerful AI engine. Sertics’ unique user interface allows Business Analysts to drive the platform directly. When Sertics is paired with subject matter expertise, discovering hidden business insights, forecasting and leveraging prescriptive analytics becomes simple.

Benefits of Sertics

Data Mapping

Sertics consumed your data fast and efficiently. Simply drag and drop your data sets – regardless of format – and Sertics takes care of the rest, including data normalization, cleansing and validation.

Intelligent Insights with
Machine Learning & AI

Sertics’ foundation is comprised of advanced technologies including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It leverages these tools to discover hidden insights and generate powerful predictions.

Intelligent Insights with
Machine Learning & AI

Insights and predictions are only useful when they’re clearly understood by analysts and experts. Sertics uses AI to choose the best Data Visualization Models for the data at hand.

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